Cubicolor – Easy Mark

Music Video
Written, Animated, & Directed by Cal
(4 min 11 sec) 2023



Character Design

Digital Design & 3D Modeling
Colour Grade & Edit

Massive thanks to Tim, Peter, & Ariaan
AND Dom & Emily at Anjuna.

Shout out to Joey Carlino for his lightning geometry nodes(!), the young Thomas Potter for incredible modeling tips (humbled), Ian Letarte for sharing how to shake the camera, Ponte Ryuurui for the simplest tip on how to find any lost 3D asset (in your work file) with one click (mind-saver!), & Marco from GarageFarm for crowd control/mixamo advice/spicey geo-node help.︎ 

Made with Mixamo motion capture and Bagapie v7 in Blender. Built, Modelled, & Animated in Blender.
Post & Edit in Adobe After Effects